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Showroom Open - 52 Sale Street, Freemans Bay
Showroom Open - 52 Sale Street, Freemans Bay

Killer Metal Finish

by qeeboo
Who says that all the sharks should have a ferocious soul? ThatÕs definitely not the case of our dear Mr Holder! Feeling a little miserable because of its incapacity of swimming he asked Studio job to use their superpowers to transform him into a lifestyle object and be everywhereÉfar away from the sea and near to you! Killer is a shark form holder that can be used as an umbrella stand, a paper basket, a champagne cooler, or any other use in the home and beyond.ÊAvailable in a metal finished version to make it glow in your entrance hall!ÊSuitable for indoor use only.

Price on Application – Enquiry